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Medical and Surgical Missions – Charity Donations

Surgical and medical charity donations – from your heart to our heart

If you or a loved one need lifesaving surgery in the future, appointments will be made, the necessary surgery will performed and you will settle into the recuperative period.

Most of us in the Western World have certain expectations about our healthcare system and in fact, we take its availability for granted at times. We might complain about the costs or the waiting lists, but in the end we know that we can usually rely on receiving a quality service in a timely manner.

However, just for a moment imagine living a life where you have few if any expectations concerning your future, let alone in accessing any sort of reasonable healthcare system. In many developing countries, lifesaving surgery is an unattainable dream - so many lives are ended far too soon and loved ones left to live with debilitating conditions, all because they simply have no alternative.

How would that make you feel? What if you had to live every single day of your life, knowing that if you needed lifesaving surgery you were on your own? How would you feel watching loved ones becoming sicker day by day, knowing they could be saved or their condition improved dramatically, if only you lived in another country?

Is it fair that some people should suffer, simply because they are unable to access the appropriate healthcare? Is it right that doctors and nurses in developing countries do not have the experience or the resources to deal with complex surgeries that we, in Australia, take for granted?

Please donate to our Surgical Medical Missions

Why donate to medical charities?

With your help, we can not only perform these lifesaving operations and give hope back to families, but we can train indigenous healthcare professionals to take over when we leave.

As we are a not-for-profit organisation, your medical mission charity donations are vital to keeping our specialised healthcare personnel on the ground in many impoverished countries - where they can do so much good. In fact, it is fair to say that without your surgical charity donations, we would have to close our doors.

Our volunteers are highly skilled medical professionals and their expertise is vital to improving the health of hundreds and even thousands of people in developing countries; too many people suffer on a daily basis with conditions that can be alleviated with their skills.

Medical mission charity donations give us the resources to buy the equipment and supplies we need to send expert healthcare professionals overseas, to not only perform necessary surgeries, but to train others to provide similar expertise when our teams leave and return home.

It doesn’t matter how little or how much you donate, what matters is that we obtain the resources to continue helping people in need. No-one should have to die from a condition that can be easily treated or suffer from painful or embarrassing conditions, simply because of where they live.

Help us to make their lives happier and more productive and to end their suffering and we will honour your donations by doing our utmost to achieve the very best positive outcomes for these worthy people. Donating to medical missions is a worthy cause and is one way that you can be of service to others, who are not as fortunate as yourself.

Please take a moment of your time and consider donating to our surgical missions. You can chose between a one-off donation, regular donations or you can sponsor a surgical procedure for individual patients.

Please donate to our Surgical Medical Missions

Single one-off donations

With your one-off donation you can chose a set amount or other denomination that suits your needs. You can also decide to donate to surgical missions where they are most needed or to a specified project.

We have a wide variety of on-going projects, which with your help we will continue to expand and add to over time. You can donate to surgical charities for cardiac conditions, burns, women’s health, eye surgery and oncology.

With your help we have already established projects in Cambodia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Fiji, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, PNG, Solomon Islands and Tonga – to name just a few.

All donations are gratefully received and go towards improving the lives of people in need of urgent medical and surgical attention.


Regular donations

Deciding to honour us with a regular donation is a generous decision and for this gift you receive our whole-hearted thanks. The fact that you believe in our work is very humbling and we will do all that we can to continue taking our specialised surgical teams into these poverty stricken areas to heal people who are so deserving of our help.

As with a one-off donation you can give your gift to a specified project or rely on us to use it as needed. Your surgical charity donations can be weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or annually and you can gift a set amount or any other dollar amount of your choice to our surgical projects.


Sponsor a surgery

This is a very special type of donation where you sponsor the entire costs of surgery for one patient in the project of your choice. With this type of surgical charity donation, each year you will receive photos and stories of the person or people whose lives you have directly impacted.

Without a doubt, your support and donations will have a dramatic effect on someone’s life and in return, you will have the satisfaction in knowing that someone is walking around today, because of your kindness.

Know that your donations will not go to waste – and we thank you from the bottom of our heart.

Please donate to our Surgical Medical Missions

How Your charity donation money helps

Your donation money will make an incredible difference to Open Heart International as well as the patients we treat in developing countries. Donation money assists in paying the costs of surgery for someone as the patient bears no cost for the surgery they receive.

Some of our typical expenses are:

$50 1 box of surgical gloves
$100 Cost of Operating Theatre supplies in Nepal per patient
$200 The cost of the average hospital stay after surgery
$500 The cost of specialty supplies transported from Australia
$1000 The average cost of complete care per patient
$50 1 box of surgical gloves
$100 The cost of basic dressing packs per trip
$250 The cost of Intensive Care Supplies per patient
$500  The average cost of pharmaceuticals per patient
$1000 The cost of tubing for the bypass machine per patient
$2500 The cost of an artificial heart valve
$3500 The average cost of each operation
Eye Health
$25 Replacement Lens
$50  Disposable Tubing pack for the machine that extracts cataracts
$200 The average cost of each operation
$400 The cost of surgical gloves for one trip
$1000 Consulting fees paid to Filipino doctors for initial patient consultations per trip
$5000 One complete tray of surgical instruments (we currently need 4)
Women’s Health
$50   1 box of surgical gloves
$100 Operating Theatre supplies per patient
$300   The average cost of each operation
$500 Generator costs for when the power shuts downs
$1000 Specialty supplies per trip we transport from Australia
$2500 Cost of sutures per trip, purchased in Nepal

Charity Donations

Single charity donations

A single charitable donation to our medical mission goes towards changing the life of someone in a developing country. Charity donation money is put towards the purchase of medical equipment, surgical supplies, international travel costs and freight.


Regular charity donations

Charitable donations can be scheduled weekly, monthly or annually to further aid our surgical missions in third world countries. Your donation money goes towards the purchase of medical equipment, surgical supplies, international travel costs and freight.


Charity donation to sponsor a surgery

You can financially support the cost of an operation in a country of your choice. This type of donation provides a life-changing gift for the patient and their family in their time of need.

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