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Donation Policy

Donation Policy



1.1 This policy provides the framework in which Open Heart International will accept donations to support its work.


2.1 The policy applies to:

2.1.1 Steering Committee members

2.1.2 Staff, contractors and consultants

2.1.3 Project Coordinators

2.1.4 Volunteers


3.1 As a professional development organisation, Open Heart International seeks to implement appropriately designed projects that will make a meaningful difference in the communities in which we are working.

3.2 Open Heart International will accept donor funds for specific projects or for where they are needed most.

3.3 Funds received from donors must not jeopardise the values of Open Heart International or ADRA Australia.


4.1 Project Fund is defined as a specific fund that matches a clearly identifiable project that Open Heart International is undertaking.

4.2 Restricted Donors are defined as:

4.2.1 Manufacturers of tobacco products – including companies and products made by companies that own, control or are involved with the manufacture and production of tobacco-related products.

4.2.2 Alcohol manufacturers or distributors.

4.2.3 Gambling service providers.

4.2.4 Manufacturer of products not in line with general Seventh-day Adventist health principles. This includes pork products and shellfish/seafood products with the exception of fish.

4.2.5 Manufacturers of products associated with astrology or psychics and services providers associated with astrology or psychics.

4.2.6 Those that would produce a conflict of interest for Open Heart International or ADRA Australia.

4.2.7 An individual, group or organisation that Open Heart International or ADRA Australia chooses to refuse to accept funds from at its own discretion.


5.1 Staff and Steering Committee members have an obligation to administer donations to specific Project funds and provide accountability and transparency over donor funds.

5.2 Project Coordinators, Staff, Steering Committee members and Volunteers have an obligation to not solicit funds or approach potential Restricted Donors and to comply with this policy.


6.1 Project Funds can only be opened or closed by decision of the Open Heart International Steering Committee.

6.2 At the time of accepting funds for a specific project fund, it is unknown how generously the public may respond. When successful, funds raised may be in excess of what Open Heart International has the capacity to spend on the particular project. Should the funds raised exceed the amount required to meet the immediate and longer term needs of the project, or if there are changes in circumstances beyond Open Heart International’s control which limit its ability to utilise all funds in the project, Open Heart International’s Steering Committee and the ADRA Executive Committee will direct donations to OHI's General Purpose fund so as to rapidly address future project needs as they occur.

6.3 Open Heart International and ADRA Australia accepts funds from donors and provides appropriate written receipts as a normal course of business. If during this process, Restricted Donors are identified, Open Heart International will return the funds.


7.1 The Open Heart International Steering Committee is responsible for the approval of this policy and any amendments.

7.2 If any compliance issues are identified, they should be reported to the General Manager in the first instance who will work with staff and other stakeholders to address the issues.

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